Surveying Software for HP35S HP48 HP49 & HP50G Calculators  


Installing HP50G USB Driver on Windows 8
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29th August 2014

HP35S Surveying
Software Update
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6th February 2013

Current Quickclose Version:

iOS emulator, HP50G, HP49G+, HP49G Version 3.1
HP48Gii CORE 3.01 & PLUS 3.0
HP48GX, HP48G+ CORE 3.0 & PLUS 3.0
HP35S HP35S Version 1.2

    Surveying software
    for Hewlett Packard Calculators.

   (iOS emulator, 50G, 49G+, 48Gii, 49G,
    48G+, 48GX & 35S)

    The ideal desk and field assistant for;

  • Land surveying
  • Cadastral surveying
  • Construction surveying
  • Coordinate Geometry (COGO)
  • Azimuth from sun/star obs.
  • Geodesy

  • Inexpensive
  • Comprehensive suite of programs
  • Thoroughly tested
  • Thorough documentation
  • Life-time user support
  • Free upgrades (current version)
  • User configurable
  • RAM Based (no plug in cards req'd)
  • comes with PC/PocketPC Emulator
  • 4600 sold since 1998

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